Abu Qafrh Holding

Since 1980, Abu Qafrah Holding Co. started as a small corporation founded in the reign of Sheikh Salem Abu Qafrah – God bless his soul- and started its activity in the sector of equipment and transportation, and then turned to the activity of manufacturing and began with the concrete products, then it evolved into the Saad and Abdul Rahman Abu Qafrah Holding Co. the sons of Sheikh Salem Abu Qafrah.

Nowadays, Abu Qafrah Holding Co. is a leader company in the cement block and ready-mix concrete industry, quarries, contracting & general transportation thanks to Allah at first and as a result of the wisdom of its management who’s having a long experience in this field .

Abu Qafrah Holding Co. is a vital pioneer in the field of cement industries in Assir region and its share in the market is 36% in Assir Region. It has played an active role in infrastructure development in the Southern Region of the Kingdom during the last six decades and still continues to support the wheel of evolution and growth in our beloved country.

Our Profile - Abu Qafrah Holding
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Riyadh Block Factory

It is mainly operated to produce cement block, different types of pavers and tiles.

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Abu Qafrah Ready-Mix Concrete factory

It is operated to meet all requirements of Ready-Mix Concrete in terms of the required resistance for all environmental circumstances.

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specialized company in transporting raw materials because it has a fleet of the most recent machines and specialized equipments.

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Qafrah Contracting Co. Ltd

it is a sister company under the management and supervision of Abu Qafrah Holding Co. and has two production lines so that if forms the largest crusher in the region and produces concrete stones with all sizes and best types.

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HEMAH General Contracting Est

a specialized company in contracting and development of residential & commercial areas .

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To distinguish ourselves by providing the local market with the best and most recent products & the following services:

• Cement block.

• Ready-mix concrete industry.

• Quarries and crushers.

• General contracting.

- To manufacture products and provide services in high quality using the most advanced technology, and always strive to meet and satisfy the needs of our clients and customers.

- To obtain satisfaction of our clients and customers and all those who has relationship without our company.

- To apply the highest quality in all our operations and team management according to applicable standards.

- Complete the satisfaction of customers and all those involved.

- The high quality of the implementation, and performing the business in accordance with the required standards.

- To keep the health and safety of employees and all relevant persons.

- To maintain the surrounding environment and its elements and prevent pollution while maintaining the resources.

- Cement block, pavers and tiles industry through Riyadh Block factory – the company’s branch.

- Ready-mix concrete sector through Abu Qafrah ready-mix concrete factory – the company’s branch.

- Stone Crushers, quarries and building materials sector through Qafrah Contracting Co. Ltd.

- The General Transportation Sector through Abu Qafrah Co. for General Transportation.

- General contracting sector through HEMAH General Contracting Est.

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Member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Council in Abha
Member of the Board of Social Responsibility in Emirate of Assir
Chairman of the Concrete Products and Crushers Committee in Abha
Chamber of Commerce and Industrial

Performance efficiency is our target & quality standards methodology is our commitments. Promoted in keeping up with technology and has the honor to be among the top by accurate management and planning professionalism. Our experience is a shiny energy in the productivity sky.

We assume the responsibility towards:

  1. Our customers : in order to provide the best quality products and services, and to develop new ways to meet their building needs whether large or small.
  2. Our shareholders : in order to achieve good returns.
  3. Our employees : in order to provide healthy and safe workplaces, rewarding careers, competitive compensation and benefits.
  4. Communities : in which we try to be good neighbors and environmental stewards.

But no responsibility is greater than the need to identify and execute a sustainable business strategy.

We proudly celebrated our 36th anniversary last year; I strongly believe one of my core obligations as Chairman and CEO is to assure that Abu Qafrah is firmly on a path to another 50 years of prosperity and value creation for all its stakeholders.

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Abu Qafrah Holding Co. in Saudi Arabia in general and Southern Region in particular is considered one of companies with bright and deep-rooted history that occupied a reputable position among companies thanks to its advanced performance, its high quality products and distinct method in dealing with clients in addition to its qualified and skilled staff. All these factors made it having a good market share and these achievements were accomplished by sincere and serious work and responsibility towards the community in which are working. Also, the company has a wise management with strategic planning and integrated system at the highest level.

Our History

We started our business in Assir Region in General Contracting & Equipment Rental. The main projects were:
– Charity Association in Abha.
– King Faisal Association in Khamis Mushait.
– General Court of Abha.

We started the activities of cement block manufacturing in Abha.

We expanded the activities of cement block manufacturing to Jeddah and established a factory there.

We established another cement block factory in Aldarb town near Abha city.

We established another cement block factory in Al-Nomais town near Abha city.

We established another cement block factory being located at King Abdulaziz Street in Abha city.

We established HEMAH Corporation for General Contracting.

We started the quarries & crushers activities by establishing Qafrah for Contracting Co. Ltd.

We established Abu Qafrah Holding Co. which includes the whole previous activities.

We started the actives of Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing & General Transportation.

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Our Policy

  • Commitment

    37 years ago, Abu Qafrah Holding Co. strived to achieve the highest levels of time efficiency, quality standards and cost efficiency using the best staff in the Southern Region of KSA.

    We are one of the leading producers in this region supplying a full range of concrete products to satisfy the needs of the construction sector.

    To complement the world class products, Abu Qafrah Holding Co. provides comprehensive services through a team of highly qualified, experienced & passionate professionals. The team assists the customers in choosing the product, samples, application & trouble shooting to ensure complete customer satisfaction .

    The last main advantage of Abu Qafrah Holding Co. is the well maintained fleet of transit mixtures, trailer trucks, mobile pumps & Cement Tankers for deliveries .

    Abu Qafrah Holding Co. strives to “increase the life of the structure” and “reduce the project time-line” through ‘high-quality products’ and ‘prompt services’ .

  • Quality Control Policy

    Abu Qafrah Holding Co. produces products to the best quality available in the Southern Region of KSA.

    We, as a professional supplier, remain always committed to maintain and improve the quality of our products using the highest quality raw materials in the region.

    All raw materials used in the manufacturing of our products are subjected to our rigid pre-testing criteria to confirm compliance to the specifications, standards and national & international codes.

    All constituent materials are inspected, tested and systematically stored. The supply is constantly monitored to insure consistency.

    The primary objective of the quality policy pursued by Abu Qafrah Holding Co. is obtaining customer satisfaction based on advanced technological means that used to get the highest quality products by implementing the following:

    • Visual inspection of each quantity of sand and concrete.
    • Full verification of samples received according to the plan of quality control.
    • Periodical tests to check the quality of raw materials.
    • Carry out each concrete mix according to the specifications, standards and national and international codes and subjected to stress and resistance tests to make sure that it conforms to these specifications.
    • Periodically preparing designs by taking fresh concrete samples and subjected to laboratory tests on an ongoing basis.
    • Sourcing every single constituent like cement, aggregate, admixtures & supplementary mineral additives from highly reputed manufacturers and further tested for compliance to Local standards & national and international codes before being taken into the inventory.
  • Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Policy

    Abu Qafrah Holding Co. is committed to protect the health and safety of everybody who plays a role in our operations, lives in the communities in which we operate or uses our products.

    Wherever we operate, we will conduct our business with respect and care for the local environment and systemically manage risks to drive sustainable business growth.

    We will not be satisfied until we succeed in eliminating all injuries, occupational illnesses, unsafe practices and incidents of environmental harm from our activities.

Success partners

Company is proud to offer products and services with high quality standards in addition to build steadfast bridges with all those treating with.


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